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Hey y'all and welcome to Rusty Roots Boutique! I'm Maggie, the proud owner! You can find Rusty Roots Boutique in the heart of West Jefferson, North Carolina. We offer the latest boutique trends at an affordable price. You can also shop with us from afar through our online store as well.
I established Rusty Roots Boutique in February of 2019 as a hobby and side biz. I always wanted to share my love and passion for fashion with others and here I am hoping to change the world with my fashion insight. I've always been known as the girl to mix and match different trends and help dress others.. fun fact: I'm guilty myself of changing my outfit 4-5 times before i'm satisfied.. it drives my boyfriend crazy!!!
When I started my online boutique, I was working a full-time job and living a full-time life all while learning the dynamics of how to run a successful clothing store. In the middle of all my chaos, I met my boyfriend Ethan. Life was really busy, but from the time we started dating he insisted and encouraged me to chase after my dream and when I doubted myself, he pushed me to work harder. I had to learn time-management at a whole new level, but I always found time to work on my online boutique. As months passed, I wasn't getting the fulfillment I intended or hoped for. I was ready to put my dream of Rusty Roots Boutique on the back burner.
God had other plans...
On our way to dinner one night with family, we were talking about C.C. Beanies and possibly ordering them for my online store, the guys were telling me that they would even buy one since they were so warm... that conversation turned into, "There's a location in downtown West Jefferson for sale that would be the ideal spot for a boutique", I turned down the thought immediately! Days passed by, I couldn't shake the idea of possibly opening a storefront. It was far fetched but I took a leap of faith and inquired about the building for sale, I was two weeks too late! It had already sold. 
I had finally shook the idea, then one afternoon I recieved a phone call; Derek (Ethan's Dad) had scouted out another building in downtown, a large space at that! My intitial thought was, "there is no possible way I could furnish enough clothing to fill that much space", here comes God y'all - Dwight (my preacher/boyfriends uncle) owns a home decor business and was looking to move locations from where he was. He asked if I would be interested in splitting the building. I immediately reached out to the realtor and started discussing plans. From there, God started opening doors and I remained faithful to His plan every step of the way! The opening of Rusty Roots Boutique storefront location started going into effect quick! 
January 2020 - Rusty Roots Boutique is open and operating as a storefront in West Jefferson, NC and Online. This opportunity has been magical. I never dreamed I would be where I am today, but God paved the path of this incredible journey. It's took a lot of prayer and faith, but I have been resilent to His plan for my life. He also gave me an EPIC support system - between mine and Ethan's family and friends, we couldn't have asked for a better group and I couldn't have opened my dream store without any of them and of course all my amazing customers! 
one word: B L E S S E D
That's the end of my sappy, dream story! Thanks for bearing with me. Now lets expand your roots and your closet! 

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